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NISTS 2022 Annual Conference

From Moment to Movement: Shaping the Future of Transfer
February 2-4, 2022 (St. Louis)  |  February 23-24, 2022 (Virtual)

The following presentations were given at the 20th annual conference for the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students. Please note that some photos have been removed from the original presentations in order to avoid possible copyright infringement.

Please cite responsibly and direct questions to the original presenter(s).

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Featured Sessions

Virtual Conference

Opening and Plenary Panel  Video

#TransferTalks: The National Transfer Reset

  • Cristen Moore, Director, HCM Strategists

  • Ron Anderson, Senior Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

  • Cheryl Hyman, Vice Provost, Arizona State University

  • Elena Quiroz-Livanis, Assistant Commissioner for Academic Policy & Student Success and Chief of Staff, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education

  • Shanna Smith-Jaggars, Assistant Vice Provost, Research, Ohio State University

Plenary Session: Ask the Experts  Video

  • Michael Rosenberg, Director of Planning, Penn State University

  • Dimpal Jain, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, California State University, Northridge

  • Kimberly Lowry, Director of Leadership Initiatives, The Aspen Institute's College Excellence Program

  • Rose Rojas, District Director for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation, Maricopa Community Colleges

  • Stephanie Foote, Associate Vice President, Teaching, Learning, and Evidence-Based Practices, John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

Wellness Plenary Session  Video

Plenary Lecture: Protecting Your Peace: Keys to Personal and Organizational Wellness

  • Dominique Hammonds, Associate Professor and Program Director, Appalachian State University

St. Louis Conference

Opening Session & Keynote  Video

Transfer: Higher Education’s Massive Equity Issue

  • Janet Marling, Executive Director, NISTS

  • Bill Pink, President, Grand Rapids Community College

Action-Focused Plenary Workshop  Video

  • Alfred R. Herrera - Relationships & Equity, Assistant Vice Provost and Director, Center for Community College Partnerships

  • Rose Rojas - Partnerships & Pathways, District Director for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation

  • Leslie Daugherty - Elevating Learner Voice, Senior Education Designer

  • Mark Allen Poisel - Advocating for Change, Academic Program Coordinator, LEAD Scholars Academy


Plenary Panel  Video

Transfer Reflections and Teachable Moments with the National Transfer Student Ambassadors

  • Christy Johnson, Assistant Director of Admissions, Spelman College

  • Jan Paolo Canteras, University of California, Irvine

  • Herman Luis Chavez, University of California, Los Angeles

  • Noelle Dana, Notre Dame University

  • Katherine Ibsen, University of California, Berkeley 

Concurrent, On-Demand, and Poster Sessions

Credits and Degree Pathways

  • What's COVID Got to Do With Students’ Transfer Trajectories?  Slides

  • Student Pathway Trends within the University System of Georgia  Slides  Video

  • Outmigration No More: Building Transfer Pathways to Meet the Needs of Rural Students and Communities  Handouts  Slides

  • Student Views: Information for Decreasing the Leaks in the Transfer Pipeline  Slides

  • A Case Study on Creating Sustainable Transfer Pathways between a Public and Private Institution  Slides

  • Exploring Credit Loss for Engineering Transfer Students  Slides

  • Leveraging Technology in the Next Generation of Advisement, Seamless Transfer and Baccalaureate Completion  Slides

  • Building Momentum with Applied Degree Pathways  Slides

  • Inspire Equivalency Confidence Using TES + Transferology  

  • Three Secrets to a Successful Pathway Program  Slides

  • Founding an Undergraduate Social Science Research Lab at a Community College  Slides

  • Sunshine! Using System Data to Help Students, Advisors, and Leaders Improve Credit Articulation  Slides  Video

  • A Successful Criminal Justice Learning Community for Transfer Students  Slides

  • Longitudinal Analysis of Transfer Students  Slides

  • Collaborative Partnerships to Create Degree Pathways  Slides

  • The Student Value Proposition: Engaging Transfer Students with Degree Pathways to Limit Friction  Handout  Slides  Video

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Aiming for Equity in Curricular Alignment Across Transfer in the Urban Academy  Slides  

  • Transfer Trends at Common App  Slides  

  • Designing a Mixed-Method Transfer Student Climate Study Using an Assets-based Framework  Slides  Video  

  • Humanizing Data Through Student Stories  Video   

  • Transfer Agents Unite: Identifying, Creating, and Promoting a Transfer Receptive Culture (TRC)  Handouts  Slides  

  • Equitable Program Design as a Catalyst for Retention  Slides  

  • Transfer Housing: Expanding Access to Underrepresented Transfer Students  Slides 

  • Promoting Access, Equity, and Completion through the Programming of Equity-Focused Transfer University Tours  Slides  Video  

  • Preparing Students for Transfer through Summer Research Opportunities  Slides  

  • Improving The Perceptions of Transfers as Researchers  Slides  

  • Paid Virtual Summer Research Experience: Belonging and Science Identity  Slides  

  • Developing Community Interventions within PWI Advising Departments for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Transfer Students  Slides  

  • Engage Your Faculty & Staff for One Moment: How a Virtual Ally Training Creates a Movement of Transfer Advocates  Handout  Slides 

  • Best Practices for Battling Enrollment Declines  

Leadership and Strategic Planning

  • The Four Disciplines of Execution (4DX) Model: A Case of Transfer Student Retention and Success  Slides  

  • History has its Eyes on Transfer: National Perspectives on Current and Emerging Transfer Reform Efforts  Slides 

  • Retaining Transfer Students: Rationale, Barriers, Strategies & Outcomes  Slides 

  • Creating a Transfer Student Advocate Training for Staff & Faculty  Handout  Slides  Video  

  • Re-imagining Transfer Recruitment: Individualized Advising as a Tool to Growing Enrollment  Slides  Video 

  • A Place at the Table: Incorporating Transfer into Strategic Planning  Slides 

  • Fireside Chat with Patricia Parker: From Moment to Movement in Transfer Virginia  Handouts    

  • Better Data, Better Decisions, Better Outcomes:  Leveraging the Clearinghouse’s Postsecondary Data Partnership for Supporting Transfer Student Success  

  • Academic Advising: Using Data to Support the Journey of Transfer Students  Slides  

Matriculation Trends and Issues

  • Examining the Landscape of Transfer Programs: Results from the National Survey of Transfer Student Initiatives  Slides 

  • The PLA Revolution To Support Transfer Students  Slides  

  • Destination, Integration, and Navigation: How Students Engage in Transfer Mobility in North Carolina  Slides  

  • Rethinking Transfer in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond with Interstate Passport®    

  • Growing Transfer in the Humanities: Characteristics and Motivations Associated With Major Choice  Slides 

  • A Place for Me? African American Transfer Student Involvement at a PWI in the Midwest  Slides  

  • Analyzing the Curriculum to Support Transfer Student Success  Handouts  Video   

  • Leveraging Technology to Recruit Transfer Students  Slides  

  • Using Student Voice to Enhance Transfer  Handout  Slides  

  • Strategies Behind Re-recruiting Sidelined Students to Maximize Enrollment Success  Slides  Video  


Partnerships and Collaboration

  • Collaboration in Transfer Student Work:  A Cultural Historical Activity Theory Study at Four-Year Institutions  Slides  Video  

  • How ASU Hopes to Solve the National Transfer Problem: A Model for Success  Slides 

  • Telling the Student Story: Digital Media Kits, Video and More that Get the Word Out about Student Experience  Slides  Video

  • Transfer Partners: Perspectives from Transition to Graduation  Slides 

  • Bridging Silos: Pre-Transfer Advising Partnerships to Promote Transfer Student Success  Handout  Slides 

  • Engaging University Faculty as Transfer Equity Advocates: The Role of Applied Learning Experiences  Slides  Video

  • Aiming for Completion: Creating a Transfer Sending Culture at the Community College  Slides  Video

  • Listening to the Voices of our Transfer Students in order to Create Meaningful Initiatives  Slides  Video

  • Why Campus Collaboration is Crucial in Advocating for Transfer Students  Slides 

  • Building Transfer Bridges: From Community College to a Selective Research University  Slides 

  • Developing an Equity-Informed Strategic Plan for Community College Transfer Partnerships  Handout  Slides  Video

  • The Power of Cross-Consortia Collaboration  Slides 

  • Reengineering Transfer: Developing Systematic Independent College Transfer Pathways in New England  Slides 

  • Train on Your Own Schedule: Developing a College-Wide On-Demand Transfer Training Program  Slides 

  • An Early College Journey to Higher Education Success  

  • A Phenomenological Study: Understanding the Barriers of Rural Texas Community College Transfer Students  Slides 

  • An International Lens on How to Service the Transfer Student Population  Slides 

  • Creating & Maximizing a Transfer Student Advisory Council  Slides 

  • A Statewide Transfer Agreement: The Illinois Articulation Initiative & Its Partner Institutions  Slides 

  • Transformational Leadership, Advocacy & Building Institutional Knowledge with Transfer Student Leaders  

  • It Takes All Of Us: Creating Cross-Campus Partnerships to Support Transfer Student Success  Slides 

  • Barriers to Transfer: Articulation Agreements and Partnerships Pave the Way for an Inclusive Transfer Culture  Slides 

  • Transfer Virginia Portal:  Your Credits, Your Degree, Your Move  Slides 


Special Populations

  • Getting to Know You: Best Practices for Serving Performing Arts Transfer Students  Slides

  • Protecting Transfers from Bias and Other Risk Factors in the University Setting  Slides

  • Improve Retention by Increasing Sense of Belonging in First-generation, Non-traditional Transfer Students  Slides

Transition Programs and Services

  • Engaging the Some College No Degree Population: What is Working and Lessons Learned  Slides  

  • In A Virtual World, Let’s Get Social! Using Social Media to Recruit Transfer Students  Slides 

  • Paving the Way for Greatness: Helping Transfer Students Thrive in a University Honors Program  Slides 

  • Making Transfer Students a Priority Through Development of a Transfer-Focused Committee and FYE Course  Handout  Slides  Video  

  • Developing a Sustainable Peer Mentoring Structure for Today’s Transfer Students  Slides  Video  

  • Transferring Credits and Accommodations  Slides  

  • Virtual “Hokie” Corner: Expanded Transfer Connections and Engagement in the Time of COVID  Slides  Video  

  • The Transfer Student Center at Both Ends of the Bridge  Slides  

  • Walk in Their Shoes, Hurt Your Feet: Understand What Prevents Students from Successfully Transferring to University  Slides  Video  

  • Cultivating Transfer Student Confidence and Success Through e-Portfolios  Slides  

  • Building Transfer Students’ Leadership and Transition with U-LEAD  Handouts  Slides 

  • It’s Not Rocket Science: Developing Cohort Programs to Foster Success for STEM Transfer Students  Slides  

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