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NISTS Research Grant

In an effort to encourage creative, scholarly work related to transfer, NISTS supports original research through the NISTS Research Grant. 


NISTS is seeking high-quality research projects focused on unraveling the complexities of the transfer student experience. General areas of inquiry include, but are not limited to, the following: the transfer student lifecycle (i.e. key touchpoints or phases of the transfer transition); diverse student needs and identities; and transfer-related programs and services. Projects that are focused on better understanding the issues and obstacles transfer students face and/or improving the institutional policies, practices, programs, or processes that guide the transfer transition are preferred.


Research teams may be comprised of 1-4 individuals and are welcome to include graduate students and post-docs. Because of their valuable first-hand experience, practitioner-scholars are strongly encouraged to submit research projects for consideration.


The research grant application is currently closed and will reopen in summer 2021.


Award Process
  • NISTS Research Grants in the amount of up to $2,000 are awarded biannually, with 1-2 projects selected per competition.

  • Selected projects should be conducted over the course of one year, with results ready for discussion at the NISTS 2021 annual conference.

  • The award recipients will be honored during the NISTS 2022 annual conference held February 2-4, 2022 in St. Louis, Missouri. 

  • Awardees will be supported in presenting their work at the NISTS 2023 annual conference.



Award Package

  • A one-time monetary award of up to $2,000 issued to the Principal Investigator’s (PI) institution.

  • Complimentary registration for the PI and Co-PI (only) to present at NISTS 2023.

  • Guaranteed concurrent education session timeslot at the NISTS 2023 annual conference.

  • Recognition on the NISTS website and at the NISTS 2022 annual conference.





The NISTS Research Grant Award is open to faculty, staff, graduate students, or post-docs who are planning to conduct research on any aspect of the transfer experience.*


*NISTS Advisory Board members, staff members, sponsors, and vendors, as well as University of North Georgia faculty, staff, and students are not eligible for this award.



Proposal Guidelines


Proposals should use APA formatting and may not exceed ten pages (double-spaced, 12 point font; references not included in ten-page total). All submissions must include the following information, though we recognize that adjustments may be necessary as the project unfolds.

  • Title & Abstract

  • Project Description

    • Purpose

    • Research Question(s)

    • Relevance to Transfer Field

    • Timeliness and Demonstrated Need

    • Significance and Anticipated Impact to Practitioners

  • Research Design & Methods

    • Rationale for selected design

    • Specific methods to be used

  • Timeline for Implementation

    • Projects must be completed by February 2023

  • Budget and Justification

    • List additional funding sources, if applicable

    • Overhead or indirect funds are not allowed

  • Researchers

    • Primary Investigator (include abbreviated vitae, two-page maximum)

    • Research Partner(s)

  • References



Selection Criteria

Research proposals will be blindly reviewed on the following criteria: 

  • Relevance to the transfer field

  • Demonstrated timeliness and need for particular topic/approach

  • Potential significance and impact of the research to practitioners

  • Use of sound research design and appropriate methodology

  • Creativity and coherence of the overall project

  • Realistic timeline and budget


Award Requirements
  • Obtain necessary IRB approval for the research project.

  • Present a concurrent session on research findings at NISTS 2023.

  • Submit an interim report.

  • Submit a final report and summary of research findings.

  • Give NISTS permission to disseminate project information, including but not limited to, publishing project information (summary or full report) on the NISTS website or in NISTS publications.

  • Acknowledge NISTS funding in publications related to the research project.



Please note:  For publicity purposes, winners will be asked to submit a high-quality headshot within three weeks of award notification (with minimum dimensions of 500px by 500px and 300ppi).