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Throwing Caps



We envision a world where every higher education professional and institution provides a holistic and inclusive transfer student experience.


We empower practitioners, faculty, and administrators to be transfer champions – agents, connectors, and advocates – who challenge the status quo to improve the transfer student experience.


We value the power of education to build the empathy, knowledge, and skills needed to confidently influence change and drive improvements to the transfer student experience. 


We value the necessity of using research and evidence from a variety of sources to inspire our work and inform solutions around the complexities and challenges of transfer. 


We value the critical role of advocacy in ensuring today’s mobile learners, who possess unique backgrounds, needs, and identities, have access to the opportunities and resources they need to achieve their academic goals.


We are committed to providing credible and timely professional development that is:

  1. Relevant, practical, and culturally responsive;

  2. Easy to find and use; and

  3. Designed to maximize learning and implementation in a variety of contexts.


We are committed to engaging in a systems approach to problem-solving that:

  1. Brings together varied expertise;

  2. Is grounded in true collaboration and equal investment; and

  3. Results in intentional outcomes-driven partnerships.


We are committed to helping practitioners, faculty, and administrators:

  1. Celebrate transfer students’ diversity, experiences, and capabilities;

  2. Leverage their roles to mitigate the complexities inherent to the transfer transition; and

  3. Create, and propel students through, a holistic and inclusive transfer experience.

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