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Creating a better transfer student experience. Together.

NISTS is the only national organization solely
focused on transfer student success.

We empower practitioners, faculty, and administrators to be transfer champions – agents, connectors, and advocates – who challenge the status quo to create holistic and inclusive transfer student experiences. No matter your role, or whether you work at a two- or four-year institution, we're here to support your work.

Learn from transfer experts & peers

Find transfer-focused research & reports

Develop your transfer advocacy skills

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NISTS 2024 | "Full Steam Ahead"


The NISTS annual conference is the only national event where every session focuses on building transfer-inclusive cultures and improving transfer programs and services. We'll be posting materials from the event, including session slides, handouts, and select videos, in early summer. Please stay tuned!

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Our Signature Programs

Audience and Lecturer


ST. LOUIS, MO |  FEBRUARY 21-23, 2024

The NISTS annual conference provides relevant and practical strategies for improving transfer student policies, programs, and supports at community colleges and universities.

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