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Advancing Transfer Through Strategic Planning

By Michael J. Rosenberg, Ed.D., Penn State University

for the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students

As a transfer advocate, you know how challenging it can be for transfer students to navigate a higher education system that was not designed for them. You have great ideas to help them succeed, but you may also face a variety of institutional constraints that make pursuing your vision difficult. How can you advance your efforts? What can you do to raise awareness and support among campus leaders for the issues these students face?

In this three-part series, Dr. Michael Rosenberg outlines one possible approach--leveraging your institution's strategic plan. By setting goals that are consistent with what the institution is already trying to accomplish, you can demonstrate how your advocacy for transfer students benefits the institution as a whole.


About the author: Dr. Michael J. Rosenberg is a nationally recognized expert on transfer student policy. A higher education practitioner by trade and training, his extensive background includes experience at both two and four-year institutions in student affairs, academic advising, judicial affairs, residence life, and enrollment management. He is co-editor of The Transfer Experience: A Handbook for Creating a more Equitable and Successful Postsecondary System.


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