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Using Data in Our Work with Transfer Students

By Kristin Moser & Kristin Woods

for the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students

Transfers are a unique group of students who deserve programs and services designed specifically for them. As transfer advocates, understanding the role of data in informing these initiatives is crucial to our work.

Using Data in Our Work with Transfer Students is a practical resource for faculty, staff, and administrators seeking to understand transfer students' varied needs and how to best support their learning and success. The guide presents a framework for gathering, analyzing, and communicating transfer-focused data and includes several scenarios to illustrate steps in the process. Designed as a workbook, there is ample space for reflection and application, which results in a custom research plan. Key topics in the guide include: asking the right questions to bring transfer needs into focus, examining transfer student outcomes and associated trends, sharing transfer data effectively with a variety of audiences, and planning for continuous improvements to ensure that our campuses are fully serving transfer students.

Don't simply track your transfer students or guess what they need. Use data to get to know them better and build tailored supports!

Using Data Guide_09.22
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About the authors:

Dr. Kristin Moser is assistant to the president for institutional effectiveness and planning at the University of Northern Iowa. She works to advance the institution’s strategic agenda and priorities, guiding the university in data-informed self-evaluation in support of its mission, strategic goals, and institutional decision making.

Dr. Kristin Woods is senior associate vice president for enrollment management and student success at the University of Northern Iowa. She provides strategic leadership for the enrollment and student success functions of the university, including the collaborative development and continuous improvement of seamless transfer pathways.


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