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NISTS Transfer Policy & Practice Audit Tool (Beta)

National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students

The NISTS Transfer Policy & Practice Audit Tool is designed to help you catalog and evaluate the various policies and practices that effect transfer students and others seeking credit mobility at your college or university. The framework may be used by individuals or teams at both transfer-sending and -receiving institutions and will provide a baseline view of what's working well and what may need improvement. Whether you're seeking change within your department/unit or across the institution, your findings can help you build a compelling case for action.

The audit tool includes fillable worksheets and is available for download and sharing via Google Drive. You can access each section of the tool by clicking the hyperlinks below.

How the Audit Tool Can Help

Using the Audit Tool

Potential Approaches to Using the Tool (table)

Providing Feedback

Section 1: Institutional Strategy

Section 2: Goals and Measurement

Section 3: Partnering with Sending and Receiving Institutions

Section 4: Communications

Section 1: Admissions, Advising, Orientation, & Registration

Section 2: Evaluating, Awarding & Applying Credits

Section 3: Transfer Student Engagement & Supports

Appendix A: Next Steps Worksheet

Appendix B: Feedback Questions

Appendix C: Glossary


Important Note:

This is a beta version of the NISTS Transfer Policy & Practice Audit Tool. NISTS will be tracking the use of the tool through 2023 and soliciting feedback to inform future revisions. If you use the tool, NISTS would like to learn from your experiences. Please see the feedback questions in the Appendices and email your thoughts to or submit your answers via this online form.

If you have questions about using the tool, please contact


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