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Using Data in Our Work with Transfer Students

In this one-hour webinar, authors Kristin Moser and Kristin Woods explore key topics in their new NISTS how-to guide, Using Data in Our Work with Transfer Students. Key topics of conversation include: asking the right questions, digging in and interpreting findings, sharing insights effectively with a variety of audiences, and planning for continuous improvements to ensure that our campuses are fully serving transfer students.

Following the session, attendees will better understand how to:

  • Develop research questions that bring transfer needs into focus

  • Identify campus partners to assist in transfer data gathering, analysis, and continuous improvement

  • Describe potential methods and approaches for identifying transfer trends and outcomes

  • Identify potential campus and/or community audiences for the data-informed transfer story

Using Data Webinar_10.05.22 slideshow
Download PDF • 3.00MB


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