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April 2023

Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) & HCM Strategists

Excerpt from the IHEP website:

"TransferBOOST (Bachelor’s Opportunity Options that are Straightforward and Transparent) is a multi-year state-level initiative developed to provide students with affordable, quality, well-supported two- to four-year pathways.

Beginning in 2021, the Institute for Higher Education Policy and HCM Strategists launched the TransferBOOST initiative to address challenges with transfer student recruitment and pathways to degree completion. Participating institutions from twenty-four colleges and universities across three states – Arizona, Illinois and Virginia – partnered to better reach community college students with simple, clear messaging about affordable transfer pathways. They also examined transfer policies and practices to ensure they meet the needs of today’s students.

IHEP’s latest series of research briefs share lessons learned for policymakers and institutional leaders. Learn how to support affordable and equitable transfer pathways through partnerships, strategic finance, and policy change by reading our three research briefs below."

Publications available for download include:

  • BOOSTing Transfer Partnerships to Promote Equitable and Affordable Transfer Pathways

  • BOOSTing Transfer Pathways through Strategic Finance and Affordability

    • Plus: Affordability Financial Tool

  • BOOSTing Student Success Through Equitable and Affordable Transfer Pathways


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