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Tackling Transfer (2018-2021)

Aspen Institute College Excellence Program, HCM Strategists, & Sova

This comprehensive effort incorporates policy, practice, research, and strategic communications to foster the conditions for scaled and measurable improvements for baccalaureate-seeking transfer students, including the large number of students from low-income backgrounds and students of color who begin their education at community colleges. Working with higher education leaders in Minnesota, Texas, and Virginia, the Tackling Transfer Partners developed numerous resources and tools to reform transfer systems and improve transfer student success at the state and institutional levels. For phase 1 publications, see the CCRC Tackling Transfer webpage.

Rich with insight, reports and tools available for download include:

  • Evaluating Transfer Student Success and Equity

  • Transfer Advising: Sharpening a Powerful Tool for College Success and Equity

  • Understanding Incentives, Connecting the Dots for Transfer Student Success

  • Better Partnerships, Better Results

  • The Transfer Opportunity Calculator

  • Creating Statewide Transfer Goals

  • Rural Transfer Pathways

  • Engaging Faculty Values

  • Metro State Case Study

  • Beyond Articulation Agreements

  • The State of State Transfer Policy

  • The Transfer Reset: Rethinking Equitable Policy for Today’s Learners


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