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How to Achieve More Equitable Community College Student Outcomes

Lessons From Six Years of CCRC Research on Guided Pathways

By Davis Jenkins, Hana Lahr & Amy Mazzariello

Community College Research Center

Excerpt from the CCRC website:

"This report describes how CCRC’s thinking about guided pathways has evolved in five areas:

  • program organization and design,

  • new student onboarding,

  • remediation and academic support,

  • ongoing student advising, and

  • teaching and learning.

For each area, the authors discuss what CCRC has learned from studying the implementation of guided pathways at colleges across the country, parts of the model that were underemphasized or mainly theoretical in 2015, and practices that research suggests are critical to achieving more equitable student outcomes and ensuring community colleges’ survival in a post-COVID environment. The report concludes by offering high-level recommendations for colleges engaging in guided pathways reforms and identifying next frontiers for guided pathways practice and research."


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