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How to Create a Transfer-Centered Website

Is your transfer website meeting your transfer students’ needs?

Transferring between institutions can be complicated, so college websites play a crucial role in giving students the information they need to confidently navigate the transition. But what online resources and supports do transfer students need most? And how can we organize them so that the transfer process makes sense from the students’ perspective?

To answer these questions, NISTS partnered with mStoner to conduct a year-long research project exploring the ideal transfer website. The result of our study is a comprehensive transfer website strategy guide that details best practices and tools for creating and maintaining a transfer-friendly site that addresses students’ top concerns and paves the way for a smooth transition. In this one-hour webinar, you'll learn:

  • why transfer students need web content developed specifically for them

  • what a transfer-centered content strategy should include

  • how to plan improvements for your current transfer website


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