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Transfer Partnerships for Improved Equity and Outcomes (2020)

New Directions for Community Colleges

Volume 2020, Issue 192 (Winter 2020)

Editors: Debra D. Bragg, Theresa Ling Yeh, Lia Wetzstein, and Elizabeth Apple Meza

Articles Include:

How Transfer Partnerships Support More Equitable Baccalaureate Attainment

Debra D. Bragg

A Continuum of Transfer Partnerships: Toward Intentional Collaborations to Improve Transfer Outcomes

Theresa Ling Yeh & Lia Wetzstein

Exploring How Institutional Partners Vary in Outcomes for Transfer Students of Color

Elizabeth Apple Meza & Grant Blume

Conceptualizations and Strategies to Enhance Student Success in the Transfer Swirl

Maria Claudia Soler

Empirical and Practical Implications for Documenting Early Racial Transfer Gaps

Gloria Crisp, Charlie Potter, Rebecca Robertson, and Vincent Carales

Infusion of Equity-Mindedness across Transfer Pathways in Washington State

Kristi Wellington-Baker & Joyce Hammer

Supporting an Evolving Transfer Partnership in Ohio: The UD Sinclair Academy

Kimberly Collins, Christopher Welch, and Julia Thompson


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