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Tackling Transfer (2015-2017)

Davis Jenkins, Project Lead

Community College Research Center, Public Agenda, & Aspen Institute College Excellence Program

These organizations partnered together to promote the widespread adoption of high-impact strategies for improving degree completion among students who start in community colleges seeking bachelor’s degrees...The main products are a playbook, a self-assessment tool, a leadership curriculum module, a communications plan, and a state and sectoral engagement plan. For phase two tools and resources new in 2021, see the Tackling Transfer webpage.

Publications available for download include:

  • Strengthening Transfer Paths to a Bachelor’s Degree: Identifying Effective Two-Year to Four-Year College Partnerships, June 2018

  • Using Data Mining to Explore Why Community College Transfer Students Earn Bachelor’s Degrees With Excess Credits, February 2018

  • Tackling Transfer: A Guide to Convening Community Colleges and Universities to Improve Transfer Student Outcomes, December 2017

  • How to Measure Community College Effectiveness in Serving Transfer Students, December 2017

  • Takes Two to Tango: Essential Practices of Highly Effective Transfer Partnerships, October 2017

  • The Transfer Playbook: Essential Practices for Two- and Four-Year Colleges, May 2016


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