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Boosting Student Success Through Quality, Well-Supported, and Affordable Transfer Pathways

In this one-hour webinar, presenters from the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) and HCM Strategists shared an overview of the TransferBOOST initiative, a multi-year state-level initiative developed to provide students with affordable, quality, well-supported two- to four-year pathways. TransferBOOST (Bachelor’s Opportunity Options that are Straight Forward and Transparent) worked with partnerships across three states (Arizona, Illinois, and Virginia) at 23 institutions. This pilot initiative was a student-centered, data-informed, and equity-driven partnership between institutions that respect students’ investment of time and money into higher education. Participating institutions worked to ensure that students could complete a bachelor’s degree in a timely manner by clearly communicating and supporting them through a mapped pathway; guaranteeing that all credits apply to completion; providing clear costs; and streamlining time-to-degree. Presenters discussed lessons learned from the initiative related to price, pathways, and promotion and how those lessons can be leveraged by the field to ensure affordable pathways for transfer students.

Watch now to:

  • Learn about concrete strategies and examples of transfer communications, processes, policies, and resources.

  • Compare the examples provided with the transfer efforts at your institution.

  • Discuss the institutional, system, and state challenges and opportunities you see in transfer.


Featured Speakers:

Headshop of speaker Amanda Janice Roberson.

Amanda Janice Roberson is the Senior Director of Strategic Engagement, Planning, and Operations at the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP). She leads IHEP’s strategic field engagement and implementation efforts with states and institutions, manages the organization’s internal and external learning agenda, coordinates development functions, and seeks to build and maintain a positive and fulfilling organizational culture.

Headshot of speaker Rachelle Sharpe.

Rachelle Sharpe is the Director of Pathways & Economic Mobility with HCM Strategists. She has worked in every region of the country evaluating financial aid programs, supporting improvements to transfer policy, strategic planning, conducting policy research, and supporting initiative implementation. Previously, Sharpe spent 15 years with the SHEEO agency in Washington State and spent 15 years on two- and four-year campuses working in college access,

admissions, and financial aid.


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