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Why Connecting with Your Transfer Students Really Does Matter

Featured conversaton graphic with camera recording in background

Why is connecting with your transfer students so important? In this special video, two of our 2019 National Transfer Student Ambassadors interview the transfer professionals who nominated them for the award. Follow along as the students and their mentors take a deep dive into how their institutions serve transfer students and the huge impact meaningful connections can have on students' transfer journeys.

Appalachian State University

Baylor University

Topics covered in this interview:

  • Highlights and challenges of working with transfers (00:26)

  • Transfer student diversity (03:24)

  • Baylor's Living-Learning Center (5:47)

  • App State's Jump Start Appalachian Program (10:03)

  • Connecting with and supporting transfer students (12:51)

  • Getting involved on campus (15:00)

  • On the horizon for transfer (18:23)

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