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Beyond Transfer: No Easy Answers Series

By Beyond Transfer Policy Advisory Board

with SOVA

Excerpt from the SOVA website:

"The Beyond Transfer Policy Advisory Board (PAB) is committed to dismantling inequitable credit mobility and transfer policies and practices. The PAB–a group of twelve expert practitioners with deep understanding of transfer and credit mobility and a demonstrated commitment to equity (see list and bios below)–is building a new approach designed to center students and the recognition of their learning as they transfer across institutions and move through their varied lived, work and learning experiences beyond high school...

In 2022, the PAB [focused on] two key topics: the opportunities and limits of engaging accreditors in transfer reform, and the impact of student- and institution-facing financial incentives on improved credit mobility and equity in outcomes for students who transfer."

Briefs available for download (with accompanying posts in the Beyond Transfer blog) include:

  • Unpacking Financial Disincentives: Why and How they Stymie Degree-Applicable Credit Mobility and Equitable Transfer Outcomes

  • Affordability Disconnects: Understanding Student Affordability in the Transfer and Credit Mobility Era

  • Raising the Bar: Leveraging Accreditation and its Influence on Transfer and Credit Mobility


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