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Welcome to National Transfer Student Week!

NISTS is so excited to celebrate this week with you and your students. Established in 2017, National Transfer Student Week, which runs October 15-19th, 2018, facilitates the celebration of an often forgotten student population and the professionals who serve them.

“Starting over isn’t easy,” explains Executive Director Dr. Janet Marling, “and these students are required to be resilient, persistent, and self-advocate.”


Be sure to use #TransferStudentWeek to show us how you are celebrating these hardworking students.

And don’t forget to follow NISTS on Twitter and Facebook. Your school might get a shout-out, and throughout the week you'll meet our 2019 National Transfer Student Ambassadors: Jay Francis, Jennifer Hernandez, Bianca Hill, and Taylor Smith.

Let’s make this a great week to be a transfer student!

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