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Welcome to NTSW 2020!

It's National Transfer Student Week! On behalf of everyone at NISTS, thank you for everything you do to support transfer student success. This year has been tough in so many ways, yet transfer professionals across the country have greeted the times with tremendous flexibility and creativity. Because of your care and compassion, and your quick switch to virtual-only supports and programs (WOW!), many transfer students are thriving despite the unprecedented challenges facing our nation.

This week, we celebrate you and applaud the many amazing events and activities you've planned for NTSW. Be sure to use #TransferStudentWeek so we can follow along, and don’t forget to follow NISTS on Twitter and Facebook. Your school could get a shout-out, and throughout the week you'll meet our 2021 National Transfer Student Ambassadors: Dipti Karnani, Michael Morgan, Kierra Scott, and Emily Sturm.

We know that transfer students everywhere will feel seen, heard, and valued this week as you elevate their stories and advocate for their needs. Thank you again, and welcome to this wonderful week!


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