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2022 TSA's Conference Takeaways

Video Edited by:

Karli Williams, NISTS, University of North Georgia

Earlier this year, our four National Transfer Student Ambassadors joined us in St. Louis for the NISTS 2022 Annual Conference. In this video, Jan Paolo Canteras, Herman Luis Chavez, Noelle Dana, and Katherine Ibsen share what they learned during the "life-changing" experience.

About the Ambassadors

You can learn more about each ambassador and their transfer journey on the NISTS Blog:

  • Jan Paolo Canteras (Psychology & Sociology) University of California, Irvine

  • Herman Luis Chavez (Ethnomusicology & Comparative Literature) University of California, Los Angeles

  • Noelle Dana (Classics; Philosophy, Science, & Mathematics)University of Notre Dame

  • Katherine Ibsen (Anthropology)University of California, Berkeley


Do you know an outstanding transfer student?

Then please let us know! The Transfer Student Ambassador program invites up to four outstanding transfer students to add their voices to the national transfer conversation. More information about the award and application process is available on the TSA webpage.


About the Video Editor

Karli N. Williams is a Student Office Assistant at the NISTS home office, which is based at the University of North Georgia, Dahlonega.

Creating this video was one of the first times I got to dive into iMovie and teach myself how to edit videos on my Mac. It was such a fun experience to not only be able to learn new skills but also hear the stories of these awesome transfer student ambassadors simultaneously! Thank you, NISTS team, for allowing me to take this on! - Karli Williams


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