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2020 TSA's Conference Takeaways

Video Edited by: Maria Bartolucci, NISTS, University of North Georgia

Six months ago, four National Transfer Student Ambassadors joined us in Atlanta for the NISTS 2020 Annual Conference. In this video, Kaylee Cheng, Jahine Grady, Tania Nasrollahi, and Macia Outlaw share what they learned during the "life-changing" experience.

About the Ambassadors

To learn more about each ambassador's transfer journey, read their posts and watch their application videos on the NISTS Blog:


Do you know an outstanding transfer student?

Then please let us know! The Transfer Student Ambassador program invites up to four outstanding transfer students to add their voices to the national transfer conversation. In addition to registration and attendance for the NISTS annual conference, ambassadors receive a $500 scholarship plus a $500 transfer program grant to be used in collaboration with a faculty or staff member at the student's previous or current institution. More information about the award and application process is available on the TSA webpage.


About the Video Editor

Maria Julia M. Bortolucci is a Student Office Assistant at the NISTS home office, which is based at the University of North Georgia, Dahlonega.  

Creating this video was a first-time experience for Maria. She taught herself how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro to complete the project, and we're incredibly grateful to her for volunteering to take it on. Didn't she do an awesome job? Thank you, Maria!! - E.K.


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