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Welcome to NTSW 2021!

You probably already know that it’s our favorite time of the year—and not just because of cooler weather. It’s National Transfer Student Week, and that means it’s time to celebrate, educate, and reflect on all things transfer!

Transitioning between institutions can be complicated, but—due to the tireless efforts of transfer champions like you—transfer students all across the country are feeling appreciated, validated, and supported in every phase of their transfer journeys.

We’ve been monitoring #TransferStudentWeek closely and know there’s an outstanding line-up of events and activities planned throughout the week, both in-person and online. We can’t wait to read your students’ stories, so kindly tag NISTS on Twitter (@transfertweet) and Facebook (@NISTS) so that we can amplify your work.

Thank you for everything you do to support transfer student success. Although things aren’t quite back to normal yet, we hope you enjoy a fantastic week!


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