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New Approaches to Transfer Research: Implications for Policy and Practice (2016)

Journal of Community College Research & Practice

Volume 40, Issue 12 (September 2016)

Guest Editor: Frankie Santos Laanan

Articles Include:

Predictors of Latina/o Community College Student Vocational Choice in STEM

Joel D. Johnson, Soko S. Starobin & Frankie Santos Laanan

What’s Life Got to Do With It? The Role of Life Experiences in Shaping Female Community College Students’ Transfer Intent in STEM Fields of Study

Kelly Wickersham & Xueli Wang

Toward a Critical Race Perspective of Transfer: An Exploration of a Transfer Receptive Culture

Dimpal Jain, Santiago Bernal, Iris Lucero, Alfred Herrera & Daniel Solorzano

Operating in the Middle: The Experiences of African American Female Transfer Students in STEM Degree Programs at HBCUs

Dimitra Jackson Smith

Deconstructing the Transfer Student Capital: Intersect between Cultural and Social Capital among Female Transfer Students in STEM Fields

Soko S. Starobin, Dimitra Jackson Smith & Frankie Santos Laanan

Understanding the Adult Transfer Student—Support, Concerns, and Transfer Student Capital

Michael J. Rosenberg

Reverse Credit Transfer Policies and Programs: Policy Rationales, Implementation, and Implications

Jason L. Taylor


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