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Recent Transfer Research

Whether you're new to the field or want to take a deeper dive into a specific transfer-related topic, it's hard to know where to start your search. ​

Transfer literature spans multiple disciplines and types of sources, including peer-reviewed journals, reports, and dissertations. The breadth of this work can make getting up to speed and finding relevant information difficult, so we’ve pulled together some of our favorite resources to help you navigate the transfer-related research.  

Start here for a recent analysis of the literature: 

Taylor, J. L. & Jain, D. (2017). The multiple dimensions of transfer: Examining the transfer function in American higher educationCommunity College Review, 45(4), p. 273-293. 

This article examines the literature on the transfer function in American higher education, and it reviews three primary dimensions of transfer: (a) the transfer function and pathways, (b) transfer access and experiences, and (c) state transfer policy.

Why is research so important?

Peer-Reviewed Journals

New Directions for Community Colleges

Transfer Partnerships for Improved Equity and Outcomes


Volume 2020, Issue 192 (Winter 2020)

Editors: Debra D. Bragg, Theresa Ling Yeh, Lia Wetzstein, and Elizabeth Apple Meza

Community College Review

Transfer Matters


Volume 45, Issue 4 (October 2017)

Guest Editors: Mark M. D'Amico and Matt S. Giani

New Directions in Institutional Research

Studying Transfer in Higher Education: New Approaches to Enduring and Emerging Topics

Volume 2016, Issue 170 (December 2016)

Editor: Xueli Wang

Journal of Community College Research & Practice

New Approaches to Transfer Research: Implications for Policy and Practice

Volume 40, Issue 12 (September 2016)

Guest Editor: Frankie Santos Laanan

New Directions for Higher Education

Collegiate Transfer: Navigating the New Normal

Volume 2013, Issue 162  (Summer 2013)

Editor: Janet L. Marling

Selected Transfer Research

Use the search box below to find transfer-related research articles and reports on specific topics. To recommend an article or report for inclusion, please email nists@ung.edu.