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Welcome to NTSW 2019!

Today's students are transferring more than ever before. As transfer champions, it's vitally important that we build awareness of common transfer barriers and the diverse student needs and identities within our transfer populations. Although the transition between institutions is inherently complex, we believe that transfer is good and worthy of celebration!

Join us to challenge assumptions, build empathy, and instill transfer pride.

Be sure to use #TransferStudentWeek to show us how you are celebrating these hardworking students.

And don’t forget to follow NISTS on Twitter and Facebook. Your school might get a shout-out, and throughout the week you'll meet our 2020 National Transfer Student Ambassadors: Kaylee Cheng, Jahine Grady, Tania Nasrollahi, and Macia Outlaw.

Let’s make this a great week to be a transfer student!


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