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Supporting Transfer Student Success: Five Key Faculty Practices

By Xueli Wang, Peter Felten, Lance Gooden, Jon Iuzzini, & Emily Kittrell
Transfer student success is essential for equitable outcomes in courses, programs, and institutions. More than ever, faculty must be ready to support students who are navigating the often complex and challenging transfer transition.

Because the classroom (whether virtual or physical) is an essential spot for facilitating student learning, belonging, and connections, college faculty have an undeniable part to play in supporting transfer student success. Yet, despite the importance of their involvement, few resources directly address how faculty can fulfill this critical role.


Supporting Transfer Student Success: Five Key Faculty Practices is designed to fill that gap and help faculty reflect on and reframe the ways they think about, teach, advise, and mentor transfer students. Each section offers a brief introduction grounded in the research and practice literature on transfer, a series of suggested actions faculty can take, and questions to prompt personal reflection or guide conversations with colleagues.


The goal is not to ask faculty to add another “obligation” to an already full teaching, research, and service agenda. Rather, we hope faculty will examine their current methods with an eye toward identifying some possible new approaches, amplifying effective strategies, and abandoning attitudes and behaviors that result in student disengagement.


Although the five practices are particularly aimed at faculty who teach at the university level, all faculty—whether they are adjunct instructors or full-time, teaching general education or courses for the major—can learn from the research-informed guidance. Likewise, all students will benefit from the transfer-focused recommendations, regardless of institution size or academic discipline.

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Supporting Transfer Student Success: Five Key Faculty Practices

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