NISTS 2022




Thank you for joining us for the NISTS 2022 virtual conference, February 23-24. Over 800 transfer professionals from across the country have registered to attend the event, and we can't wait to see everyone and discuss our favorite topic--transfer student success! 

Please see below for important tips and reminders about the virtual conference format. Although we've been planning for months and feel confident everything will run smoothly, it's important that all attendees become familiar with the following technical requirements. 



All live conference sessions will be delivered via the Zoom meeting platform. Be sure you've got the latest desktop edition installed to ensure you'll have access to all the event features. 


You cannot participate in the virtual conference without the conference app.


It has everything you'll need to customize your conference experience, including the schedule of events, session descriptions, supplemental materials, and even virtual networking tools. It's fairly intuitive to use, but we've compiled some tips and tricks below to help you get started.

(Chrome Preferred)


Only registered conference attendees can access the app. If you registered for the event today, it may take up to 24 hours for the app to recognize your login credentials.

If you get stuck or need help, please email nists@ung.edu to troubleshoot issues.


  1. Login. You must use the same email address you used to register for the conference. Only registered attendees may access the app, so please do not share this information.

  2. Set Password. Anything will work but be sure it's something you'll remember. 

  3. Create Profile. In this app, your profile is like your event name badge. You can include as much or as little info as you’d like (though, we think more is better!). If you want to make changes later, simply click the "Me" icon in the bottom right of the app.

    • Important: We had to add your email to the app to make sure you ​could log in. If you prefer not to share that information with other conference attendees when you "Connect," you may delete it. 


  • If using the mobile app: Be sure to enable notifications so that you can receive alerts about conference announcements.

  • If using the web app: Enable pop-ups in your web browser so that you don’t miss any important information.

  • Time Zone: The app's default time zone is CST, but the "Your Time" column on the schedule will adjust to your location.


Open the Virtual Schedule then click on the session you want to attend. The "Video Stream" icon under the session title will turn into a "Join Video Stream" button about fifteen minutes before the session's designated start time. When you're ready, click the button to automatically enter that session's waiting room. > The process to join sessions is the same for concurrent session presenters, group conversation leaders, and general attendees.

  • Will I need a webcam and mic?

We strongly encourage you to tune into the conference with a webcam and mic so that you can fully participate in session discussions. But, you are welcome to view only if you prefer.


  • Can I phone into sessions?

No, there is no call-in option for the live sessions. Only the Zoom weblink is available in the conference app.

  • What's the dress code?

Living through a pandemic has been hard enough, so we see no reason to add stress by requiring a specific dress code. (Besides, who knows what still fits?) Please feel free to wear whatever clothing feels most comfortable and appropriate for your school/organization.


Sample Event_Join Live Stream.png

The default session times on the left are in CST, but the app will show you the equivalent time for your time zone on the right.

Click the "Join Live Stream" button to participate in live sessions.


The app home screen/main menu has several categories of information. Here are a few need-to-know highlights:


This is where you’ll find the details for all the conference sessions—days/times, titles, descriptions, presenters, etc. The filter icon at the top can help you narrow down the list, and you can click the + icon on the right side of each listing to add individual sessions to the “My Agenda” tab. Tap/click each session listing to read the description and preview the handouts. 


This is how we'll share updates and reminders about the event. Enable pop-ups on your web browser to see them in real time or periodically check here to see what you missed.


The Social Wall is sort of like an in-app social media feed. Click “What’s on your mind?” to post comments, pictures, big ideas, and questions for all conference attendees to see. Did something funny happen in your session? Did you gain a new, mind-blowing perspective? Let us know!



Some conference content was pre-recorded for asynchronous viewing. You'll have access to these videos and handouts via the conference app through April 30, 2022.


Click the Sponsors & Partners icon at any time during the conference to learn more about the products and services offered by our conference sponsors and educational partners. Many of these organizations will be available for live chats during the Exhibit Hall hours, but you can also Request Follow Up or Email for more information from directly within the app. 


All of the available recordings and handouts from our event in St. Louis are available here. Simply tap/click each session listing to see what's available. The filter icon at the top can help you narrow down the list


  • Be sure to submit an anonymous session evaluation for each session you attend. You’ll find the link to the evaluation form at the bottom of the session listing. 

  • Don’t worry if you miss a live session you wanted to attend. We’re recording all the sessions and will make the videos available for asynchronous viewing after the conference concludes. You’ll have access to all the material in the conference app through April 30, 2022.


There are several ways to leverage the conference app to make connections with other participants:


Click the Attendees icon to see who registered for the conference. You can scroll up and down or search for specific names or keywords. Use the sort icon in the top right corner of your screen to shuffle results from A-Z based on First, Last, or Company name or attendee Title. 


Click the Connect tab to invite others to exchange their contact information with you. Those who accept will be listed in the “Connections” section of your app, where you can send them a direct message via app chat.  If someone asks to connect with you, you will see a red badge on your Connections tab. Click it then click the alarm bell (top of screen) to accept or reject the invitation.


If using the mobile app, click the Shake icon to see a list of attendees who are also shaking their device at the time. Click “Add” to invite them to your Connections list. 



Although not directly linked within the app, you can use #NISTS2022 to connect with others who are talking about the conference on your favorite social media platforms. And be sure to tag us in your posts! (@NISTS on Facebook or @transfertweet on Twitter)


Use our fillable conference workbook to keep track of all your ideas, action items, and session takeaways. Revised with the help of our Curriculum Planning Committee, the workbook includes reflection sections for Before, During, and After the event, as well as concurrent session worksheets and notes pages. If you prefer taking notes by hand, be sure to print a copy before the virtual event begins!








NISTS 2023


FEBRUARY 22-24, 2023