OCTOBER 19-23, 2020 


Explore the variety of ways schools across the country are planning to celebrate National Transfer Student Week.


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Explore how schools across the country are
celebrating National Transfer Student Week.


Rose M. Beane, PhD CMCS, Director Career & Transfer Success


The Community College of Denver (CCD) is located on Auraria Campus and shares the campus with CU Denver and MSU Denver (unique to the nation). Career & Transfer Success is collecting student transfer stories to celebrate and feature them throughout the semester. During the National Transfer Student Week, our plans are to have three consecutive Virtual Transfer Exploration Fairs using WebEx Training and Zoom:


  • Monday, 10/19: Celebrating National Transfer Student Week – Featuring Transfer Stories

  • Tuesday, 10/20: CU Denver Day

  • Wednesday, 10/21: CCD Transfer Fair – featuring Colorado 4-Year Colleges & Universities

  • Thursday, 10/22: MSU Denver Day

  • Friday, 10/23: Advance Transfer Prep Workshop


Amanda Cosenza, Academic Advisor

  • Monday 10/19: Transfer Social PJ Party

  • Tuesday 10/20: Yoga with Bri

  • Wednesday 10/21: Wacky Wednesday Trivia

  • Thursday 10/22: Tau Sigma Honor Society Transfer Talk

  • Friday 10/23: Tau Sigma Merch Pick-Up


Follow us at @tausigma_msu for more details!


Leslie Mitchell, Coordinator, Transfer and Online Connections 

  • Monday, 10/19: Make It Monday (Transfer Jack style)

  • Tuesday, 10/20: Alumni Conversation Night

  • Wednesday, 10/21: Virtual Paint Night  

  • Thursday, 10/22: Alumni Conversation Night #2

  • Friday, 10/23: Pet Photo Competition (submitted throughout the week), Bad Jole Contest

We will have shirts that students can get for attending, prize give aways and more!


Stephanie Fleitas, Assistant Director-Orientation and Commuter Student Involvement

This year, we're lucky enough to have Transfer Student Week coincide with Homecoming. We are creating a lot of natural synergy and collaboration between the two programs. This is our plan:

  • Monday, 10/19: Motivational Monday- we will be providing a pre-packaged treat for Transfer Students only and we will be passing out goodie bags with motivational quotes! This tabling event will be happening in the same location as the Homecoming Opening Ceremonies. It is fitting to collaborate with this event because we are welcome our transfer students "home" to their new institution.

  • Tuesday, 10/20: Tau Tuesday and Donuts with Duerk- The Provost at the University of Miami is a transfer student. During Homecoming there will be an event in which the Provost will be present, handing out individually wrapped donuts. We'll be present at this event passing out supplies for transfer students to illustrate their transfer story. It will be a time for transfer students to connect with one another and learn about each other's stories.

  • Wednesday, 10/21: Giveback Wednesday- We will be collaborating with Homecoming for a campus-wide service project.

  • Thursday, 10/22: Workshop Thursday- We will be hosting a virtual event focused on career readiness and networking. Later on, we will be having a casual virtual transfer social/ dance party on Zoom.

  • Sunday, 10/25: Tau Sigma Induction- We will be hosting an outdoor induction ceremony for Tau Sigma.


Shelby Knuth, Transfer Transition Counselor

Due to being virtual this fall, we will be focusing on "Transfer Acts of Kindness." This is a concurring campaign with NTSW where folks can either nominate an "outstanding transfer student" or a "transfer champion." There is an online survey they can fill out with the option of anonymity and/or comments. Student staff then organize the survey data and send out personalized emails with a 'certificate of recognition' and comments/commenters (if given). We are also looking at hosting some type of virtual event that week, but are still researching vendors.


Transfer students and I will be conducting interviews of community members who are either current transfer students at Agnes Scott or are staff/faculty that transferred during their lifetime. These interviews will be made into spotlights that will then be featured on our weekly newsletter, The Irvine, on ASC social media platforms with the hashtag #TransferStudentWeek, and on our academic advising bulletin board. We are also creating a banner to provide awareness around NTSW. The banner will be posted in our student center.

These programmatic activities are organized by Tanzania Nevels (Academic Advisor), Nia Dokes (Student), Lane Porter (Student), Celeste Lan (Student), Cymone Ryals (Student), and me. We're all transfers.


Cal Poly Pomona loves transfers and is excited to celebrate National Transfer Student Week! We hope to create awareness and visibility for Transfer Students.

To see a schedule of our planned events, visit the Cal Poly Pomona National Transfer Student Week website.


The Interstate Passport® program is excited to celebrate National Transfer Student Week. The Interstate Passport Network is a nationwide network of colleges and universities whose goal is to streamline student transfer among its member institutions. Information about National Transfer Student Week will be shared with our network members, promoted on our website, on social media, and we will encourage our network members to feature student transfer stories.

The Interstate Passport® program, which is administered by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, facilitates the block transfer of lower-division general education based on learning outcomes across a nationwide network of colleges and universities. Students who earn a "Passport" at a member institution are able to seamlessly transfer their general education learning to other member institutions, saving them time and money. Since its official launch in 2016, 32 colleges and universities across 14 states have joined the network, and over 38,800 students have earned a Passport and the ability to transfer with ease. 


Monday, 10/21: Kickoff event, open house style with a resource fair Academic colleges providing various opportunities throughout the week with information on our transfer week website.


Lehigh Carbon Community College, located in northeastern PA, has planned five days of activities to help inform our students and community about transfer services, programs, and partnerships. We'll be highlighting tips from Transfer Admissions representatives via social media, as well as celebrating many of our alumni who have successfully transferred and will be sharing their words of wisdom throughout the week. We will tie these activities in with our "Graduation Preparation Day" as well as our Middle States Phi Theta Kappa College Completion Week activities, coinciding at the same time. For a list of some of the activities planned, visit the LCCC transfer services website.


  • Monday, 10/21: "Transfer Student Breakfast" in our food court & lounge area

  • Tuesday, 10/22: "Talk about it Tuesday" presentation, "Demystifying the Core" (our gen ed requirements)

  • Wednesday, 10/23: "Transfer Treats" in our Student Success Center (cider and donuts)

  • Thursday, 10/24: "Green & Gold Day" - Transfers bring an item from their previous college to swap for Le Moyne College swag

  • Friday, 10/25: "Career Readiness" - Transfer student walk-in meetings with Career Advising staff to go over resumes, interviews, internships, etc.


  • Monday, 10/21:  Transfer Tailgate – Tailgate Tent and Lunch on campus. Transfer boards for students to write where they’re planning to transfer to. Sponsored by Alpha Beta Eta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

  • Tuesday, 10/22: Spa Day in the Student Center. Students can put their best transfer face forward! Transfer boards will also be available. Put on by the LBWCC Cosmetic Arts Program.

  • Wednesday, 10/23: Transfer students are poppin'. Free Popcorn in the Library Building. Transfer Boards will also be available. Sponsored by O.A.R.S and the Director of Student Success.

  • Thursday, 10/24: Transfer Success Lunch & Learn. Students will learn transfer about admission and scholarships as well as insider tips on how to get a step ahead in the transfer process. Sponsored by the Alpha Beta Eta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

  • Friday, 10/25: We do not have Friday classes so we are encouraging our students to visit a four-year institution.


During the week we will also be doing a social media blast through the college’s social media sites of current transfer students at four-year institutions as well as successful two-year/four-year graduates and how their community college experience prepared them for transfer and life in general.


We plan to use the information provided on the transfer board cards to follow up with our students on their transfer plans and opportunities. We will share interested student info with our four-year partner institutions to help ensure these students are on the path for transfer success.


We'll be sharing our transfer students' journeys and successes on social media from 10/14-10/25. Other events are detailed on our National Transfer Student Week website and include: 

  • Tuesday, 10/22: Transfer Bowling Night

  • Wednesday, 10/23: Transfer Pride Day - students encouraged to wear their Transfer Hawks tee-shirts

  • Thursday, 10/24: Transfer Hawks Club and Tau Sigma information tables

The activities listed below coincide with the start of PGCC's fall term: 

  • Monday, 9/16: "Chat & Chew" with Trinity Washington University and Morgan State University

  • Tuesday, 9/17: Transfer Experience Tailgate

  • Wednesday, 9/18: Transfer Experience College Fair

  • Thursday, 9/19: "Chat & Chew" with University of Maryland, Baltimore County

  • Friday, 9/20: College tour of Morgan State University and Stevenson University


  • Monday, 10/21: We will have an alumni panel of graduated Rutgers transfer students that will discuss their transition to the university and how they used Rutgers to their advantage and as a resource to gain success. After a guided Q&A session with panelists, each alumnus will sit down with a table of new transfer students for an informal discussion.

  • Tuesday, 10/22: A trivia night hosted by one of our Transfer Deans. Students can create teams to promote socialization among the transfers and will answer questions of varied topics, ranging from Rutgers history to pop-culture. Finalists will receive a prize of Rutgers merchandise.

  • Wednesday, 10/23: At RU we require full-time transfer students to enroll in a one-credit course, titled: Students in Transition. In order to pass the course, students must attend 2 academic exploration events and 3 "beyond the classroom" events. In previous years, the most highly attended events have been a tour of the Rutgers Zimmerli Art Museum, and Escape Alexander Library. These two events will be held on this day to promote added publicity and attendance.

  • Thursday, 10/24: A free arcade night at the Rutgers Zone (an arcade located in one of our Student Centers). We will have a raffle contest throughout the night for students to win prizes and will be offering free ice cream to every attendee.

  • Friday, 10/25: Free movie night at the on-campus Rutgers Cinema. The film is still TBD as we are waiting to see what movies will be in theaters at the time of the event. We have rented out a theater and will be offering discounted popcorn and soda to the transfer students.

In terms of marketing, we will be using our new @sastransfers Instagram account as an online resource. Prior to the start of NTSW, we will distribute infographics and other materials to SAS administrators, making them aware of the week's events so they can encourage student attendance. Every Students in Transition course will have a presentation on the weekly events and receive NTSW merchandise that has been designed by our transfer team. Some giveaways include pens with a pull-out banner that lists our schedule of events, Rutgers tech stickers, and tailgate tattoos. All of our events will be staffed by Transfer Deans as well as Transfer Mentors, which are previous transfer students that now work as aids in the adjustment of new transfers.


Tulsa Community College is working with six schools in the Tulsa and surrounding areas in a collaborative to help students transfer. We have met together to plan transfer week activities. October 15th is our biannual University Day, where 30+ four year colleges and universities come to TCC to share information about transferring. We typically have representation from four states in addition to all the main colleges in Oklahoma. We will use University Day this year as an opportunity to promote all of the transfer week activities.


  • Monday, 10/21

    • The University of Tulsa, Northeastern State University, and Rogers State University will bring representatives to Tulsa Community College for a Q&A session about transferring to their schools. TCC will set up space at all four of its campuses so that all students have an opportunity to ask questions. TCC will also take students to Langston University and The University of Oklahoma-Tulsa campus on Monday to tour the campus and meet staff and faculty. Langston University will be serving lunch to students.

  • Tuesday, 10/22

    • Oklahoma State University-Tulsa, Langston University, and The University of Oklahoma-Tulsa will bring representatives to Tulsa Community College for a Q&A session about transferring to their schools. TCC will set up space at all four of its campuses so all students have an opportunity to ask any questions. Northeastern State University will have a transfer event for current students that have already transferred to their school.

  • Wednesday, 10/23

    • We are planning an articulation agreement signing event. This is still in discussion. It could be an actual signing event or an event highlighting all the agreements that have been created over the last year.

  • Thursday, 10/24

    • TCC will take students to Rogers State University for a campus tour and an opportunity to meet staff and faculty.

  • Friday, 10/25

    • TCC will take students to OSU-Tulsa, TU, and NSU for a campus tour and an opportunity to meet staff and faculty.


This is UD's first annual NTSW celebration and we look forward to hosting many more in the future!

  • Monday, 10/21: NTSW Kick-Off Tabling Event

  • Tuesday, 10/22 - Friday, 10/25: Transfer Student Focus Groups,

  • Tuesday, 10/22 & Wednesday, 10/23: Recruiting Fairs at Sinclair College,

  • Thursday, 10/24: "How Sweet It Is to be a Transfer Student" Cookie Bake-Off


Mug Swap! Students can bring in their mugs from their previous institutions and swap them for a Mechanical Engineering mug.


Since the entire Orientation & Transitions Programs (OTP) team will be attending the NODA annual conference for most of the week, we've intentionally scheduled a large amount of passive programming that our student leaders or campus partners can facilitate. 

  • Monday, 10/21 

    • Kickoff Event, 10 AM – 2 PM:  We'll set up a table in front of the student center to provide small giveaways (candy, snacks, stickers, and buttons) and a schedule of events for the week. Our social media intern will take pictures and post transfer students' stories on social media using #transferstudentweek.

    • SGA Transfer Advocacy Partnership, 5:30 PM: The Student Government Association will spotlight current board members who transferred to UNG and allow them to share their transfer stories. 

    • Outstanding Transfer Champion Award:  Nominations open for this award, which recognizes a faculty or staff member transfer students say has been an amazing resource throughout the transition process.  

  • Tuesday, 10/22 

    • Tabling Events (continued), 10 AM – 2 PM 

    • Tau Sigma - interest meeting

    • Fraternity and Sorority Life - social media spotlight of members who transferred to UNG

    • NEB Transfer Advocacy Partnership, 5:30 PM:  The Nighthawks Entertainment Board will encourage transfer student participation in their events and spotlight the stories of current board members who transferred to UNG. 

  • Wednesday, 10/23 

    • Tabling Events (continued), 10 AM – 2 PM: We'll distribute a UNG Transfer Fact Sheet (infographic)  

    • Career Services Event, 12 PM - 1 PM: This event will focus on helping transfer students identify and describe the transferrable skills they gained during the transition between schools.

    • Residence Hall Association Meeting, 6 PM 

    • Student Leadership Resource Team Meeting, 6 PM

  • Thursday, 10/24 

    • Orientation and Transition Programs Office Open House: Transfer Map and Transfer Tips, snacks 

    • Multicultural Student Affairs Transfer Advocacy Partnership:  Transfer Spotlights 

    • Thank You Cards to Department Heads

  • Friday, 10/25  

    • Outstanding Transfer Champion Award presented to winning Faculty/Staff Member

    • Close Social Media Campaign with a Thank You and Additional Resources Information 


Tuesday, 10/22:  University Writing Portfolio Workshop

Wednesday, 10/23:  Transfer Student Social w/ campus guests

Thursday, 10/24:  Internship Workshop and Tau Sigma-specific Graduate School Workshop

All Week:  Drop-in pre-registration advising and Featured Transfer Student Profiles

Learn more via the WSU National Transfer Student Week website


We're starting small this year due to limited staffing, but our goal is to expand the events next year so that we have something for each day. We've also created our own hashtag (#WOUNTSW) to use in combination with NISTS's hashtag. Learn more via the WOU National Transfer Student Week website

  • All Week

    • "Where Were You Before WOU?" A map of the United States will be on display in the Werner University Center and students will be able to put a push pin to indicate where they came from.

  • Monday 10/21 

    • Kick-Off Party with Transfer Student Open Mic session. This event is from 4-6 pm and light refreshments will be served.

  • Wednesday 10/23

    • A transfer student will do an Instagram Take Over for the day to help promote the event. I have partnered with the Service Learning and Career Development Office to do a presentation entitled "The Transfer Advantage: Leveraging Your Transfer Experience in Your Career Development." 

Western Oregon University is a member of the Interstate Passport Network and is the first public 4-year institution in Oregon to become a member.


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