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NISTS 2020 Annual Conference

Reimagining the Transfer Student Experience
Atlanta, Georgia | February 5-7, 2020

The following presentations were given at the 18th annual conference for the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students. Please note that some photos have been removed from the original presentations in order to avoid possible copyright infringement.

Please cite responsibly and direct questions to the original presenter(s).

Quick Links

Featured Sessions
  • Opening Awards Ceremony Video

  • Opening Session Video
    Transfer, Free College, and an Evergreen Progressive Legacy, presented by Stephen Handel & Eileen Strempel (NISTS Advisory Board)

  • Closing Session Video
    Lightbulbs to the Profound: Reimagining Revisited, presented by Janet L. Marling (NISTS)

Curricular Alignment or Degree Pathways


  • Reimagining Transfer in Michigan: A Voluntary Collaborative Approach to Streamlining Transfer Student Pathways  Slides

  • Reimagining the Curriculum for Transfer Student Success  Slides

  • The Power of Collaborative Partnerships: Virginia’s Institutions Join Forces to Reimagine Its Entire Transfer World  Slides

  • Accessing Data for Transfer Advocacy: How to Build Cross-Campus Coalitions 

  • Creating Pathways to Equity: Leveraging Existing Technology for Streamlined Transfer Review and Appeal  Slides

  • Lessons Learned: Establishing a Truly Collaborative University Center at a Community College  Slides   

  • Three Column Plans: A Tool to Align AAS, BAAS, and BS AAS Pathways to Increase Collaboration In/Between Institutions  Slides

  • Create Pivotal Moments for your Transfer Prospects   Slides

  • Reimaging Indiana's Statewide Transfer Pathways   Slides 

  • TRANSFERmation: To Transform Your STEM Transfer Pathways, Start with the Student Experience   Slides

  • Think Globally, Act Locally: The Transfer Experience is a Community Issue with a Larger Impact   Slides

  • Interstate Passport®: A Learning Outcomes Solution to Transfer Credit Loss  Slides

  • Exposure to Connection: Collaborative Partnerships and Re-imagining Cross-Institutional Transfer Relationships 

  • SUNY Seamless Transfer Assessment:  A Quantitative Cohort Study of Transfer Student Outcomes   Slides 



Diversity and Inclusion


  • Developing Culturally Relevant Bridge Programs for Black/African American Transfer Students  Slides 

  • Examining the Manifestation of Transfer Student Microaggressions and Stereotypes at a Research-Intensive University 

  • Putting Transfer Students First: An Audacious National Agenda

  • “It Just Shouldn’t Be This Hard to Transfer” - What Students Say They Need to Make It Through the Transfer Gate

  • Relationships Matter: Supporting Transfer Students Through Relationship-Rich Experiences  Slides

  • Strengthening A Transfer Receptive Culture Across 2-year & 4-year Latinx Serving Institutions

  • Supporting High-Achieving Students Who are Low-Income, First-Generation, or Students of Color at Two-Year Institutions

  • The STOMP Conference at UCLA: Applying a Holistic Approach to Transfer Recruitment  Slides 

  • Framework for Success: Retooling Transfer Student Programs and Interactions with Learning Mindsets (Handout)  Video

  • Best Practices for a Successful Community College to 4-Year Institution ENG Transfer Pipeline

  • Improving Minority Transfer Transitions with Integrated Student Support Services  (Handout)  Slides  Video

  • Student Voices are Missing in the Transfer Student Success Conversation



Matriculation Trends and Issues


  • A Conversation with the 2020 National Transfer Student Ambassadors 

  • All Will, No Whey: Advising as an Active Process  Slides  Video

  • First Class: Lessons Learned from the First Post-Masters Certificate in Transfer Leadership and Practice Cohort  Slides 

  • Navigating New Legal and Ethical Considerations in Transfer Admission  Slides

  • The Language of Transfer: Results from Website and Articulation Agreement Analyses at the City University of New York   Slides

  • Using Institutional Data about Engineering Students to Identify Transfer Receptive Institutions  Video

  • Reimagining the Transfer Advising Experience Using an Online Platform  Slides

  • To The Moon and Beyond: Taking Transfer to Another Level 

  • Visualizing Transfer Outcome Data with the City University of New York’s Interactive Tableau Transfer Report  Slides

  • Reverse Transfer: An Overview, Insights, and Best Practices  Slides

  • It's a Trap! Avoiding Assumptions in the Online Classroom that Impact Student Success



Partnerships and Collaboration

  • Supporting Student Mobility by Engaging System Partners & Faculty    Slides

  • A Student Centered Approach: D'Youville's Coordinated Care Model  Slides

  • Reimaging an Institution’s Approach to Transfer   Slides

  • Reimagining the Bridge: Recruiting and Advising Humanities and Social Science Transfer Students  Slides  Video

  • Academic Affairs Swiped Right! Academic & Student Affairs Collabs for First-Gen Transfer Success  Slides

  • Engaging Faculty in the Transfer Student Experience  Slides  Video

  • How Students Experience Transfer Partnerships  (Handout)  (CCRI's transfer website) 

  • Reimagining Interinstitutional Faculty Engagement in Transfer  Slides

  • Partnering with Higher Ed to Encourage and Empower Transfer Students   Slides

  • The Pipeline: Bridging the Gap between Community Colleges and Selective Universities  Slides

  • “People to People”: Activate Your Articulation Agreements to Support Transfer Student Success   Slides

  • Implementing the NOVA/Mason ADVANCE Partnership: Transforming the Transfer Student Experience  Slides

  • Apples and Oranges: How a Private, Residential Four-Year and a Public Community College Make Fruit Salad Together  Slides



Practitioner Panels

  • Collaborative 2-4yr Partnerships  Slides 

  • STEM Transitional Programming  Slides 

  • Bridge Programs 


Special Populations


  • Serving Those Who Served: Post-Transfer Sense of Belonging among Student Veterans   Slides

  • More than Communication: Successfully Connecting with High-Achieving Transfer-Bound Students   Slides

  • Preparing Your Institution for Adult Learners: Let's Get This One Right!   Slides


'Spotlight On' Sessions

  • Transfer Families  Slides​​

  • Admissions and Advising Partnerships  Slides​​

  • Transfer Yield Programs​​


Transition Programs and Services


  • Prioritizing Transfer Success Through a Holistic Transfer Year Experience Program  Slides

  • Tales from the Applied Zone: Lessons We've Learned from Beyond the Literature  Slides

  • Exploring the Future of Transfer Student Success: Barriers, Assessment, and Practice Informed Approaches   Slides

  • Reimagining Transfer Advising and Orientation: Using Online Modules to Prepare Students Before Orientation  Slides

  • Supporting Transfer Transition: The Transfer Orientation Experience and Beyond   Slides

  • Survey of Staff at 19 Colleges:  Services That Help and Hinder Transfer Student Success   Slides

  • Online Orientation: The Tech Hub for Transfer Transitions

  • Evolution of Transfer Support:  Creating Centers, Removing Barriers, and Implementing Best Practices  Video  (Handout)  Slides

  • I Need to Start Now: Tips on How to Assist the 11th Hour Transfer Student  Slides

  • Promoting Transfer Student Success: A Guide to Creating an Integrated Network of Support

  • Supporting Transfer Students through Dual Degrees and Beyond 




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